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Small Make-up Tricks That Can Go A Long Way

Obsessive Clothing Desire

Here is a bunch of stuff I have tried on myself and friends and seems to have worked perfectly fine. Keep reading sistas!

1. How to make tiny lips look plump: 

 Take a little matte brown eye shadow and lightly shade just below the center of your bottom lip, this gives shape  and makes the center of your lips more in focus.

You could also try, using a little shimmery powder highlighter in the center of your top and bottom lips.


2. Easy sultry eyes:

Combine a little black eyeliner in with your concealer and apply it to your eyelid for a simple smokey eye. Finish the look off with black mascara and eyeliner.

3. Finding the perfect pink shade:

The perfect pink shade for you will be a colour that matches the inside of your gums, a little brighter is okay to but avoid going lighter or you will look…

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