Inglot: the Man, the Brand, an Obituary. A Remarkable Story!

Young For Good

Inglot is a cosmetic giant and a rare example of how a small firm with a vision can become a global phenomenon.

Inglot makeup stands for professional, high quality products at reasonable prices. The brand which originated in Poland and still produces most of its products there expanded rapidly across the globe. In 2006 the first store outside Poland was opened in Canada. Today, in 2013, Inglot has about 400 stores in 50 countries. Reviewers, makeup artists, and customers worldwide rave about their products. Inglot’s booths are one of the most popular places during LA and London IMATS and the company’s logo can be seen on a billboard in Times Square, NY, where one of their stores is located. It’s a remarkable achievement for a brand that only 20 years ago was known for selling cheap, powdery eyeshadow trios in Polish supermarkets. What’s even more remarkable is that…

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