My (Unattainable) Wish List

A Fashion Expedition

Five Things I’m Just Too Poor To Have

1.Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick


Apparently, this foundation stick is tops for gently and naturally covering blemishes while also giving you an even, glowing skin tone. So, basically, this foundation stick is magic. While I’ve never used a foundation stick myself, I’ve heard some raving about them lately, based on both the convenient portability and the actual function of the foundation. However, Bobbi Brown is no dummy. What’s the price of perfect skin?

$42.00. College students worldwide, time for a group “ouch”!

2.  Angela Friedman’s Bustiers


Gorgeous, right? I absolutely adore Angela Friedman’s work. She sells a lot of her products on Etsy, and I happened to stumble upon this gorgeous piece of decadence while browsing around under the “steampunk” query a while ago. In my opinion, this is a little bit less steampunk and a little more… well, perfection. However, ringing…

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