Poll: What’s your relationship with your shoes?

Some Fabulous Chick's Blog.

I love my high heels. I’m sure you do too. I love that click- clack sound that my shoes make as I enter a room. I feel like a queen/ business woman/ Nikita. I feel powerful, beautiful, stylish, and mysterious in my high heels. I love them and I welcome old age because the older I get, the more shoes I can buy. I want to be like one of my grandmothers who has a giant closet in her bedroom, a closet at the front door, a dresser and cabinet in a room with clothes, and a closet in the basement. They’re all filled with clothes, leather shoes and boots (that could still be worn today), and fur coats, that she would buy and sneak into the house so my grandfather wouldn’t find out.

I recently watched a documentary about women and their relationship to their high heeled shoes. I…

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