Natural Dark Spot Remedies.



Age spots, sun spots, acne spots and all other spots we have but don’t want. Well there is good news, there are many natural ways to get rid of these unwanted spots. Dark spots or hyper-pigmentation are common skin ailments. The cause of this hyper-pigmentation can range from sun exposure to hormonal shifts to genetics and even medications. Its important to also remind people to have regular sun spot checks by a medical specialist. Now to discuss the DIY all natural ways to ban these blemishes forever.

1) Lemon: Lemon juice and its natural acidity have long been used as an organic bleaching agent to lighten dark spots. Simply squeeze some fresh lemon juice from one lemon onto a cotton ball and apply directly to the dark spots twice daily.

2) Horseradish: if the lemon juice isn’t working try the combination of horseradish mixed with honey and vinegar. Squeeze some lemon…

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