The Boom of Bloggers

Specialist PR - COMM2361

The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar empire, which has a considerable impact on the way people dress and present themselves. However, there is more to fashion than designers, retailers and Vogue.

Encompassing a multitude of collaborators, including, editors and columnists the fashion industry has been swept up by outside forces of a digital revolution. The introduction of web 2.0  has triggered an “escalating range of changes in media and communication, fundamentally reshaping the public sphere and communication practices”. And this revolution will be blogged, streamed and tweeted instantaneously.

Recently, a friend at I attended the Loreal Fashion Festival in Melbourne. Sitting a few seats closer to the back, we noticed  two ultra thin and uber ‘cool’ girls being escorted directly to the front. Who were these girls? Were they celebrities or heiresses? And most importantly, what were they doing sitting in front row?! It wasn’t until we left the show…

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