Wedding Style Quiz #2 – The Results Are In!

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Hey Ya’ll,

Since yesterday’s wedding dress pop quiz was so much fun, I thought today I’d post three very different veil options to see which one would come out on top…

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 5.25.34 PMAs it turns out, ya’ll definitely preferred veil #3! I love a long, lace veil. It’s dramatic yet classic and can transform a simple white dress into a stunning wedding gown. However, if your dress already has a lot going on and makes a statement of its own, I think it’s smart to forgo the veil all together and opt for a flower or something with a little sparkle to wear in your hair.

Which one would you wear if you had to chose one of the above options?

Be sure to Follow Me on Facebook so that you can participate in my next wedding style quiz! I’m thinking… flowers!

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