beautiful unique landscapes: surf and super turf (thats the star trek way)


dearest odyssians,

heres a little pic odie wanted to call surf and super turf. i agreed without any fuss. there are lots of interesting colors going on here. odie mama has always had an unusual but healthy fascination with things that grow at ground level- like moss and lichen… i think its because when you look closely you can see that all those small micro plants hold a micro universe in their delicate beauty. reminds me of the possibilities that our planet and our lives hold. too esoteric a muse? naw….no way.

Engage Flip Mode

its been a busy week here in the matrix. plenty to do. not in an aggravating/tiring sense because all of the work has been fulfilling.. more in a because my mind has been busy mind now my mind is tired sense. i also did a good deal of writing, but this time I allowed my…

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