The beginning

Do you have a youTube channel? xx

A l y k a y

This the start of it all, my journey through life. I’m only 16 and yet here I am starting up yet another blog. Hopefully it won’t be like all of my other blogs floating around cyberspace; with the tonnes of forgotten email addresses and passwords.

The difference with this blog you may ask? Well the difference is that I didn’t start this up on a whim. I have been meaning to write a journal for weeks now and I never seem to get around to doing it, I have a bad habit of starting a project (like blogs, journals, drawings and more embarrassingly One Direction fanfiction)

Anyway, this is the start and I just wanted to say that I wouldn’t have started up this blog if it wasn’t for this girl here:


You may know her, but for those that don’t her name is Zoe Sugg, but she goes by the…

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