Carpe Diem LA: Fashion District Day Trip

Carpe Noctem Diem


Shoes Shoes! OMG SHOES

Just kidding…..

You do not need to love men and women’s clothes and shopping to want to go to the downtown LA Fashion District. This wonderland is completely stuffed to the brim with jewelry, sunglasses, name-brand technology (Dr. Dre Beats, etc.), makeup, men’s watches, luggage, and so much more!

At their main website = LA Fashion District …

You can find maps of the whole area, directions on how to get there, places to park (although you cannot miss those guys with their pushy flag wave downs), and a good overview of what you have in store!

In my experience, planning to hit certain stores is a bit useless because all of the signs have generic names like “ABC Fashion,” most of the stores carry the same merchandise, and it consists of over 100 blocks. Everything becomes a bit of a colorful haze. So this experience is all YOLO-go-with-the-flow.

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