Walk on Colorful Grounds

Styling By Nitra

Walking in colorful heels can tell your personality and it can be done in a really chic way!

My inspiration for this DIY…

Christian Louboutin Boots Simple Botta Black_1 Red_Bottom_Christian_Louboutin_Lady_Daf_Booty_160mm_Suede_Ankle_Boot_Black_original_img_532f4737222cb745a56f33f02c9bd529_ce3c7e6ea9b94426f6665ed2dbbd2589

I don’t recommend using red paint because they are very close to the brand Louboutins because it’s can be a sticky situation in the fashion world. For this example I did use a shade of pink in photos it looks a little red so just have fun and use other colors to really play up some of your favorite pumps that need a new life!

The Steps…

First, find that pair you want to paint, I believe the newer and cleaner the better the paint will apply and look clean.



Second, tape up your shoes, I used painters tap and also added a plastic bag over the shoes so the spray paint won’t get anywhere but the soles of the shoes.


Third step, is to…

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