Equipment collared shirt

Topshop sweater

Abercrombie fitch

Black boots
$170 –

Michael michael kor


2 thoughts on “Gold&Black

  1. if I may give my opinion, i like this look, as it seems to embody a lot of the autumn spirit but with the cuff of those jeans, i would opt for a patent leather flat instead of the boot. The boot kind of clashes with the elegance of the sweater + button-up. Speaking of that button-up Equipment is amazing. Have you seen their “Lynn?”

    Sorry, I hope I didn’t offend you or anything, I do like this look.

    • I really appreciate your feedback! I 100% agree with you about the flat, the only reason why I decided to use the boot is because for my age flats aren’t a popular chose and the Windsor smith shoes are very notorious among my age group. I tried to make the set realistic to something I would wear but your feedback was much appreciated and I hope to hear more of it xx

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